You Can Be Healed!

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Christ doubting thomas bThis Easter weekend, Christians around the world will be meditating upon Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection. They will be reminded that Christ died for their sins. I heard this all the time throughout my childhood, but never knew what it meant.

At the age of twenty, I became involved with a Bible-teaching ministry. I learned that Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, paid for my sins with his shed, innocent blood.

I also learned something I had never heard before. By Christ’s sufferings—his stripes—I could receive healing.

Since that time, I have received healing many times. The most recent was while on a tour of Israel this past November. I wasn’t healed because God loves me more than another person, or because I’m so “good.” I received healing because I knew it was a promise of God, a gift of grace through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Here’s my story from the Spring issue of GO! Magazine, He Gave His All for You. The entire online digital edition is here.

I pray this Easter that many will ask and receive God’s healing. I pray for healing throughout our nation—in people’s bodies and lives, and in our economy. Our current problems seem insurmountable by the five senses, but God is able and willing to deliver us. We may not know how, but we can trust in His faithfulness, to keep the promises of His Word.

God bless you with healing in every way this Easter.

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