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Here’s some good news. If you have ever wondered, “What is my purpose?” you can stop wondering. You don’t need to find your purpose, because you’ve already got it. I pray this brief post will help you discover it.


Before delving into discovering your purpose, however, we need to make sure that stress isn’t taunting you like a fully extended rubber band aimed at your face. I want to introduce you to the Fun Times Tool, developed by my brilliant friend, Lisa Wagner, also known as the Rug Chick. She led us through this simple exercise at a conference, and it changed my life. Fun Times Tool


As Lisa says, “Finding time for fun and rejuvenation is critical for living a good and healthy life.” Once you take time to have fun, your sense of stress and overwhelm will diminish, and you’ll be inspired to do what you were put on this planet to do—to fulfill your excellent purpose.


Using Lisa’s Fun Times Tool as a model, I developed the Discovering My Purpose Tool. It will help you discover the unique purpose that was born within you and is still within you. It is your purpose and belongs to no one else. Only you can fulfill it. And when you do what you were put on this planet to do, you will add value to the lives of others. The world will be a bit better because you are fulfilling your unique, excellent purpose. Discovering My Purpose Tool

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