Our Greatest Enemy is Fear

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COVID 19A few short weeks ago, the COVID-19 virus was all about washing your hands for 20 seconds and coughing or sneezing into your elbow. As the disease entered our borders, we graduated to elbow hugs and social distancing. Panic incited unprecedented stock market dives. Schools closed. Restaurants and bars closed. Americans hunkered down in isolation, transitioning to working remotely from home. Businesses laid off workers and closed. Senior facilities went into lockdown. The National Guard was deployed.

Why? The seasonal flu has killed tens of thousands more each year than this coronavirus. So, what has changed?

There is no treatment for this disease and no vaccine. The most insidious aspect of COVID-19 is that people can be carrying it with no symptoms … transmitting it to anyone they come in contact with.

In short, we are not in control of this coronavirus. In other words, we are out of control.

Isn’t that what helps us feel secure—to be in control of our circumstances and environment? And when faced with something beyond our power or ability, we tend to succumb to fear.

I am here to tell you that there is an alternative to yielding to fear.

Run to God. Don’t walk, don’t dawdle … run! He’s waiting for you with open arms.

An excellent place to start is by reading the Bible. When I was a teenager, wasted on drugs, I started reading the New Testament. Yep, tokin’ on a bong and reading my Bible. I marvel at God’s mercy and grace, how He pierced my heart with His truth—despite my miserable rebellion—and set me free from torment.

I read, “Ask, and it shall be given you.” I toked on my bong and thought, “No way.” I dared to ask God to teach me His truth, and He miraculously brought me into a church of loving believers who taught me His Word.

I learned a new way of thinking, not driven by the media’s frenzied fear-mongering. I learned that God loved me. So simple. So amazing. He loved ME.

The realization of God’s love for me vanquished my anxious insomnia, riddled with horrific nightmares when I did fall asleep. I now slept peacefully, with my only anxiety to long for Him in the morning light.

Fear was gone, for His perfect love for me shattered my fears.

I am no longer afraid because I have a relationship with my Lord and put my trust in Him. This coronavirus has nothing on Him, because His name is above all names, including COVID-19. Jesus Christ, my Lord, the one in whom I trust.

I invite you to open your Bible and check it out. Get to know the fear-crushing, love-energizing, disease-killing Lord. He wants you to know His love, care, and protection for you. He wants to help you conquer your greatest enemy, Fear, with His fear-extinguisher … His amazing love for YOU.

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