To U.S. Veterans and Their Families: Thank You!

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It’s one thing to say that you love your country. It’s quite another to stake your life on those words. And that’s what our veterans have done. Their vow prevailed over love for family, who worried and prayed for God to bring them home.

I salute U.S. Veterans today and every day for their courageous love to protect my liberties and homeland. I salute their bravery to demonstrate the greatest love. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

I met an Air Force veteran back in 1982 who shared a story that stirred my soul. In the early ’70s, he worked in a building where students protested the Vietnam War by lying on the floor. I couldn’t sleep that night until I penned his moving account.

To all U.S. Veterans and their families, we honor you and thank God for your service!

2 thoughts on “To U.S. Veterans and Their Families: Thank You!”

  1. Hi Judy, absolutely beautiful!!! I probably would have been furious in my youth. Jesus has helped me see and understand love the sinner not the sin.

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