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0503180628_HDRWithout knowing anyone who was going last spring, I registered and attended the Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat, which was a life-changer for me. I learned my writing craft more deeply, made great connections, and met people who would soon become my dear friends and support team.

I now say without hesitation, sign up now for this unique, small-setting writers’ retreat on beautiful Blue Lake in Andalusia, AL. Space is limited, and now is the time to register with the Early Bird discount, before the holidays.

I discovered it was a beautiful lakefront camp-type setting, and I opted for my own room. I’m such a wuss when it comes to comfort, so I brought along my foam mattress topper and pillow, which proved to provide “happy as a clam” sweet sleep.

Marilyn Turk, the retreat coordinator, greeted me at the front door, which impressed me beyond measure. “With all she’s got to do,” I thought, “she’s here, greeting me at the door?” Yes, it was a foretaste of things to come.

One of the teachers, Susan Neal, greeted me at the opening meeting and asked me about what I was working on. She asked for my one-sheet, something I had learned about from the retreat’s preparation blog posts, and I sheepishly handed my first one-sheet attempt to her. She gave me encouraging comments about it, and I felt … well, like I was where I belonged. When I found out she was one of the award-winning teachers at the retreat, I was humbled … and thankful.

And so it went throughout the entire retreat. I dined and spoke with authors, publishers, agents … and budding writers like me. I even met Jennifer Hallmark, who invited me to write for her blog, Inspired Prompt.

Best of all, I discovered something I had been long seeking–a Christian writers’ critique group. Because of the connections and friends I made at the Blue Lake retreat, I am now a member of Word Weavers of Destin, FL, where I attend every month and get help and inspiration for my upcoming gratitude journal and devotional.

I always place a priority on having FUN while learning, and the teachers at the retreat did not disappoint. They were fun-loving, extremely informative, and eager to pour out their life experience to help us succeed in achieving our dreams.

What can I say? Great heart, great learning, sweet fellowship, and encouragement. You know you have a story to tell, a message to deliver. Learn your craft of writing more perfectly … in a peaceful, beautiful, and personal setting. Register now.


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