Are You Back On Your Game? Psalm 91:10

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I feel “on my game,” energized to meet any physical challenge when working out regularly. But then something happens to break up my routine. Travel or a cold disrupts my workout schedule, and my good habit falls away. Weeks go by, and I remember how I felt when working out. Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. I need to get back into the routine! After a week or so of workouts, I feel “back on my game” again.

2020 Hindsight

They say that hindsight is always 20:20. It took some time for me to see how cleverly the adversary succeeded in getting me “off my game” in 2020, along with most of the world’s population.

Dubbed the “Year from Hell,” 2020 began with the announcement of a mysterious coronavirus-related pneumonia in Wuhan, China. Fear mounted worldwide, with stories of an untreatable, scary, spiked killer virus. On a global scale, people trusted the government to protect them. We surrendered our liberties to move about freely and conduct business. We gave our governments the power to lock us down in our homes, mask us, and forbid gathering together in worship.

What were we thinking? Instead of looking to God for the solution, we looked to governmental authorities. We put our trust and faith in worldly rulers, exchanging liberty for security. We gave powers to our governments that they never had before, naively thinking that once we were “out of the woods,” our seemingly all-wise and altruistic leaders would yield that authority and place it back in the citizens’ hands.

Man’s Sin Nature

We ignored what God told us in His Word about man’s sinful nature, that the lust of the flesh wars against the Spirit of God. We ignored the historical record that once carnal rulers get drunk with power, they become addicted. They forsake justice and do anything necessary to maintain their euphoric control and dominion.

Such is the nature of sinful man, which we forgot. Fear ensnared us in a dungeon of lies and deception. We forgot that only the truth will make us free and that the truth has a name – the name above all names, including COVID-19 – the superlative name of Jesus.

Instead of being God’s mouthpiece and declaring His Word and Will on earth as it is in heaven – i.e., “COVID-19, bow at the name of Jesus!” – we joined the world’s fear-driven chorus of deadly words.

Wickedness Given Free Reign

Fear and death ensued. Here in the United States, while we cowered in our homes searching online for toilet paper, wickedness prevailed throughout our cities with violent rioting, destruction, rape, and murder. As our silence allowed good to be called evil, police were decried as dangerous with calls for defunding our brave warriors in blue.

Our legacy of fighting for freedom was desecrated as we stood by and watched our historic monuments tumble at the hands of terrorists.

And who could blame us? Wickedness given free rule accelerated at a heart-pounding rate. With the constant bombardment of frightening news, what could we do? Helpless, we froze in fear.

Our all-powerful government, in whom we entrusted our safety, took advantage of our catatonic trauma. They collaborated with the mega-corporations they empowered by destroying their small-business competition. These power-drunken mega cartels morphed into George Orwell’s prophetic 1984 Ministry of Truth. We allowed the censorship and cancellation of truth’s heralds.

What Now?

And now, while our government and their wicked puppeteers use mega corporations to suppress freedoms of religion, speech, the press, and our right to peaceably assemble – remember January 6th? – we descend into further enslavement and fear.

We have yielded our bodies to governmental authorities, trusting them to pump us full of untested experimental injections for protection. And now we see an alarming increase in heart attacks among the young and many other unexplainable diseases and deaths.

Right is now wrong, truth is now falsehood, and light is now darkness. Wrong is right, lies are truth, and darkness is light – just as in 1984.

Who Forsook Who?

And still, God’s Word cries out to us.

“No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.” (Psalms 91:10)

If evil has befallen us and the plague has come near our dwelling, we must ask ourselves, “Am I dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, abiding in His shadow? Am I seeking Him through His faithful Word? Or am I still feeding upon the alphabet news media and repeating their words of fear and death?

“Am I saying to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!’ while I place my trust in worldly authorities who find God’s laws reprehensible?

“Am I calling upon the Lord or the government to deliver me from the snare of the trapper and the deadly pestilence? Am I running to the Lord’s outstretched wings for refuge or the CDC website? Am I allowing God’s faithfulness to shield me, or a mask and endless injections?

“Am I losing sleep with nightly terrors, or am I trusting the Lord to keep me in perfect peace? Am I fearful of World War III, the plague, and its destruction unfolding around us?

“Do I believe that the plague shall not approach me as thousands fall at my side and right hand? Or do I believe the lie that perhaps death is God’s will – His friend – and not His enemy?

“Have I made the Lord my refuge and dwelling place? Or do I only visit Him once a week to get my ears tickled?”

It’s Not Too Late

I pray, pray, pray for God’s people to open their eyes and hearts to the reality of God’s faithful promises. May we trust His Word as the greater reality than any circumstance. May we boldly speak His truth in love to ourselves and others, which is the only solution!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of getting pushed around by overbearing, wicked bullies. I repent that I forsook trusting God and gave my heart over to fear.

I thank God for His mercy, grace, forgiveness, and enduring love!

I refute the lie that I need to “keep up” with everything going on, filling my mind and heart with words from the prince of the power of the air – the media. Reading the headlines is all the information I need to keep running to God in prayer. He’s the one I must tune in to for truth!

I want to take a bold stand for God and speak His truth in love. I want to love Him so passionately that I would rather die than deny Him.

I’ve been voraciously feeding upon God’s Word, exercising my spiritual muscles, and I’m back on my game. How about you?

6 thoughts on “Are You Back On Your Game? Psalm 91:10”

  1. Agreed upon with you! We will stand together on the Truth of God’s Word and boldly speak it.
    Love you,

  2. Great Word, Judy! In taking a stand, I challenge you when you spell/write the name of GOD, JESUS, or HOLY SPIRIT, to use all Caps to distinguish deity from HIS subjects….Bncourage

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