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soldierThere’s a new kind of war going on in this world. The battleground for this new warfare isn’t somewhere the military ships you off to. No, the battlefield has come to us – into our living rooms, offices, and schools – via instruments of communication, the news media and the Internet.

The soldiers who take up arms in this conflict are commanded by generals and officers utilizing these communication systems for their own twisted ends. They are depraved individuals who have lost their humanity. They enlist hurt people, because they know that hurt people will certainly hurt people.

These wicked leaders don’t even need to know who their followers are. All they have to do is exploit modern communications to spread their sick ideology. They know their words are seeds which will be planted and grown in the hearts of hurt people … until they bear horrific fruit.

As I write tonight, dozens of Orlando people are fighting to survive and recover after becoming victims of a foot soldier in this new war. Some of them may be scarred and debilitated for life. Hundreds of people throughout our nation mourn the loss of family and loved ones who were killed today. Millions throughout the world are shocked and horrified in the wake of hate’s destruction.

Then again, I can’t help but wonder if we’re becoming numbed and hardened by all the bloodshed of this new conflict buzzing on sound waves and binary digits. Maybe that’s part of the generals’ strategy. Keep shocking us, and let the airwaves take care of keeping us distracted enough so we’ll be lulled into inaction … until we too, lose our humanity. It’s far easier to take command and control of a bunch of ignorant, distracted animals than it is to overtake sound-minded people of wisdom.

Animals react. Sound-minded thinking individuals take action.

So what are we to do? Answer in kind, like an animal? Or take the higher road of the Golden Rule? For younger readers, I apologize on behalf of our nation that we haven’t been teaching you this invaluable life principle. Too many of you have been coddled or neglected by your parents who never learned the golden rule. In school you’re told that everything you do is great. Too often you are not held up to a high standard of excellence, character, and accountability. Shame on us.

So here’s the Golden Rule: “Treat others like you want to be treated.” Not like they treat you. That’s reactionary living, and you have enough brains in your head to be able to live on a higher level than the animals. It’s not easy to follow this rule all the time, because sometimes people do such stupid things you just want to slap them. Well, if you wouldn’t want someone to slap you, then don’t slap anyone else. Living by this rule would sure solve a lot of this world’s problems, don’t you think?

Like I said, it’s not easy to follow the Golden Rule. We all fail miserably from time to time while trying to adhere to it. Yet it takes failing, picking ourselves up, and learning from our failures so we won’t repeat them. This is called building character.

People with character are determined and strong individuals, because they strive to do unto others as they would have others do unto them. Every time they fail at this, they recognize their wrong, try to make amends, learn from the ordeal, and become stronger. They won’t listen to the garbage propounded by twisted morons who want to do unto others what was done unto them … and convince other reactionary, animalistic people to do the same. Instead, they will become a part of the solution. They will rise up and become warriors of character and strength in this new battle of the air waves.

All it takes is action upon this principle of truth. Treat others like you want to be treated. Keep trying, failing, and learning, and you will be in the ranks of soldiers fighting for all that is good, against all that is evil.

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  1. Thanks Judy for well written commentary. If only…..mankind would adhere to The Golden Rule. We can only imagine what life would be like, but until the day comes when all do follow, it is a great aspiration that each one of us males a decision to follow to the best of one’s ability. The changes that would be made would be powerful!

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